Children grow up, more knowledgeable, but impatient and gradually look down on their parents.

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Children grow up, more knowledgeable, but impatient and gradually look down on their parents. That turns parents into a cautious "hedgehog".

Here is my story with my mother:

I gave her a smartphone. She asked me to teach her how to use it. I showed her how to download apps, then turned on my laptop to get ready to work. Then she came in, she asked again about it.

A moment later, as I was dealing with a lot of work, she breathed out that she couldn't use her new phone that made the flow of my ideas for work was cut off and I was displeased. She looked up at me miserable: "Oh that's fine, I will stop using the phone." ;"You can do whatever you want." - I answered her and I stepped outside, leaving her alone with a new phone.

That night, as I was about to go to bed, I recalled the words my mother had said about my grandmother: "She was old, she quickly forgot what other people said. She didn't even remember what she said. Can you be more patient with her? ”.

My eyes are wet. I know she was very sad, but she didn't speak to me directly. I sniffed myself: I wish I could be a little more patient at that time. In the days later, she stopped asking me about her phone. She fumbles herself, learns how to download applications”.

A few years ago, I was still patient enough to listen to my mom's stories, there was a story my mother had told me over a dozen times until I memorized them.

The saddest thing is not my attitude, but she thought: She's getting old and gradually becoming useless. She gradually becomes more difficult

Now, when I calm down, I feel anxious, for I have left scars in my mother's heart.

The greatest suffering of parents as they get older, becomes an obligation to their children.

Childhood, in the eyes of children, mother is someone who knows everything, stronger than all. Parents are mountains, protect, bring peace to children.

But one day, those "mountains" no longer stand tall. That is when parents get older. They have many things they do not dare to ask their children. The simple reason, age makes them more vulnerable and always feel that death is around.

I feel that I have entered a new stage of life, my emotions completely changed, fully understanding the pain of being lost by the fragility of life, becoming older, more lonely, and weaker, scare lost important support. I understand that they have not much time...

To avoid hurting your parents, don't:

- Blame the "incompetence" of the parents You can blame your parents for not being able to give what you want, but don't forget that they gave you the power. Whether you get success or not, depends on your own abilities.

- Frustrating about their complaints, but they do so because they genuinely love and want you to be better.

- Scowling about they are too slow. When we were a child, we relied on our parents to walk. Now parents are old, they have to rely on us to move.

- Birth, aging, sickness, and death, no one can escape the law of nature. When you were young, they took care of you, be with you when you were sick. So, this is the time to return to that cycle.

One day you will get older...

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