Compatibility as friends


* Female: spontaneity, trust everybody, higher mind, truth, forthright and honest people.

* Man: stability, do not like surprises or sudden changes, have trust issues, honest, tact and poise, skeptical nature of others.

Generally, Both of you barely bond that’s like oil on water: they coexist but never mix. Put together as a couple: you’re hardly sexually attracted to each other because you find it difficult to overcome your differences. But you’re existing mutual feelings of affection. You’re both compassionate, kind and like to see the best in others. You’re both relentless in pursuit of your dreams, and this could also work in your favor.

Compatibility as friends 99%

As friends, Both of you can have a strong relationship - if you embrace your differences.

A beautiful combination. A friendship between both of you takes planning and understanding from both parties. You can learn a lot from each other, but only if you’re willing to embrace your differences and make the choice to work together. She thrives with challenges and constant change, but He has a desire for security and tradition.

He may pressure her to change their nature to be more stable. But if they can push through any misunderstandings, their relationship can be beneficial for both friends, as both are given the opportunity to learn and grow from the other. Both of you approach life quite differently. While He is calm and grounded, She is constantly seeking excitement and exploration. He can provide her with the stability and structure needed to see dreams into reality. Likewise, She can push him to enjoy a more exciting and stimulating life. As friends, these two can enjoy their time together if they put the necessary work into their relationship.

What you need from your friends?

You need people who appreciate the finer things in life and are willing to spend on them.

You also like nesting, aka having cozy nights in, talking about anything and everything over some delicious snacks.

What they value in you You’re not judgy about anything, so your friends always confide in you. You always have the best advice paired with a hilarious yet comforting joke.

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