From The Moon To You...!

My Dearest!

Your instinctive emotional response is to infuse any challenge, defeat, or opportunity with your own brand of drama and flare. You enjoy taking charge of the situation and stamping your personality onto whatever you do. On good days, this confidence and self-assurance can inspire those around you.

However, you can come across as bossy and arrogant if you aren’t careful. This is your powerful emotions are best channeled through creative or artistic endeavors that draw upon your vast imagination, this sign indicates consistency and determination. You are courageous, protective, and trustworthy.

In times of need, you will support your friends through thick and thin, and you always fight for what’s right. As your emotional personality or shadow side influence means you are incredibly self-expressive and theatrical, especially in the privacy of your home. You must take care to temper and control these emotions, as your penchant for drama can weigh heavily on those in your life who may not have your emotional resiliency. For you, an argument or disagreement can be exhilarating and make you feel alive, for others it can simply be very stressful.

Searching for a special emotional and spiritual relationship between two people who love and admire one another because of common interests, a spiritual connection, and similar worldviews, have a deep care for each other, watch out for each other's overall well-being and happiness, spend time with each other, nothing more than that

In this relationship you are honest, passionate, and immensely loyal. The intensity in how you express your love is second to none. You desire a transcendent kind of love, complete with a mutual adulation and respect for one another.

Above all else, you crave an honorable relationship. Any sort of betrayal or misstep by your partner, which tarnishes this ideal, is deeply hurtful and damaging to your pride. While you should look out for yourself and ensure you are not being taken advantage of, it is important to remember that people make mistakes and sometimes forgiveness is warranted. Your emotions possess an almost solar dimension radiating love and warmth to those you care about, and rage and ferocity to those who have wronged you. Try your best to temper your more fiery impulses. This sign we often see the leadership, confidence, and charisma associated with the sign manifesting in the home and in one’s personal life. You desire order and organization, and like to be in control.

At times, this can cause you to consciously, or unconsciously, attempt to control your family and friends. The consummate actor or actress, you are extremely persuasive by nature and able to put on a convincing act to get your way. It is important for you to be aware of this tendency. Work hard to relinquish some of your authority and let others make decisions. You will be pleasantly surprised by how relaxed you feel when you let go of the desire to manage everything. Your goal is to share their warmth, optimism, and integrity with the world. Work to stay away from ego-driven responses and the need to control and your wonderful energy will inspire and revitalize those around you.

You are tenacious and proactive. Always one to look for solutions, not problems. When something goes wrong, you view it as a challenge or puzzle, and are not easily discouraged. Because of this, people turn to you when they need help, but it’s important you don’t overextend yourself. You are your most powerful when you remember that failure is just a lesson and you learn by trial and error. As a First Quarter Moon, your primal urge is to always start something new and challenging. Whether it be a personal project, a career, or a relationship, you are in your element when you can put your brain to good use. You are intelligent, alluring and have an uncanny ability to catch someone in a lie.

However, your analytical and controlled approach to problem solving can come across as overly rigid and cold. You will find greater success in your life if you take action with compassion and sensitivity. This energy can be chaotic at times, so remember to focus on specific goals and complete projects before starting new ones. Opportunities to prove yourself are incredibly exciting for you.

In order to fully align with the change, you must tackle these challenges with added care and thoughtfulness for others. I believed that your current partner who is filled with the moonlight agrees to remain friends, agrees to being genuineness and honesty, you must also discuss boundaries and relationship rules initially, discuss your feelings if you want to stay committed to your partner, the ideal love would be unselfish and kind, which would make an intimate relationship even better. Lay down the rules about texting, phone calls, and gifts. Also, be sure you’re both on the same page about what conversations and actions are acceptable and which ones aren’t. If you have decided to remain in spiritual connection with a person, this may surprise you, but the insights I have shared so far are just the tip of the iceberg... They only describe a tiny portion of your personality and ultimate potential.

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